Free PPV Landing Page Templates

Hey everyone, as promised yesterday I worked on launching the new directory for PPV landing page templates. You can download all landers for free.

They are designed in 800×600 resolution. Fits every network. Some networks like MediaTraffic allows larger sizes, but you can test these and I think you’ll get great CTR. In my experience smaller LP’s got better CTR on all PPV networks. You just need to test I guess.

I did not include any Photoshop .PSD or Illustrator files. IMO if you’re savvy enough to use Photoshop, you can make graphics and landers yourself. This is mostly for non-techie type people. Just copy-paste and edit text is all you need.

So far I’ve uploaded only some credit report pages, but will keep updating the directory with new landing pages for many niche markets.

In many cases you’ll need to have your own or some other picture as stock photos seem lame for some LP’s which are meant to be more personal. Yeah, I’m talking about flogs partially. But I suggest you use your real photo to turn a flog into a real blog and legit page. As FTC is cracking down on everyone, you need to be compliant. CPA networks are following the orders now and urge all affiliates to have ‘clean’ pages, so act accordingly.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy those pages, use them, and make some profit. Also be sure to try ugly design LP’s on PPV as in interruption marketing they work very well. I will try to add some examples maybe later. Not sure where this project will go.

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