Grants PPV Lander

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I got the orange CTA button idea from Amazon, they used it with purple borders. Some said it helps to gain better CTR. From experience, CTR really mostly depends on the targets you’re working with. So find solid URL’s and you should be fine.

The arrow background is moving so this also helps attract attention. Play around with images to see if it works. You can also use a different image of a check to see if that helps. Obviously, most important is headline. So be sure to change it to sound better and capture the audience.

You can change the bullets a little. But don’t make them too long as this will break the design. Keep it short.

Some may argue that this resembles a flog. Yes it does, because flogs worked and still work. But instead of making it fake, why not make it real huh? Use real image, real testimonials and you’ll be killing it – ETHICALLY.



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