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Have you subscribed to dozens of IM guru newsletter and your mind is blowing from information and constant emails you get in your inbox?

The same was with me. One day I just couldn’t handle any more emails and unsubscribed from almost all the big guys in marketing industry ezines. Due to info overload and also due to the fact that information wasn’t relevant anymore. Maybe some of them became too detached from the rest of affiliates 🙂 who know…

So where I’m getting at?

Well, if you’ve been online for some time you should know about an awesome affiliate blog post aggregation called I check it few times a week. It’s probably the best resource you can find for free information about what’s going on now in affiliate world.

You sometimes get pure gold from these affiliates. No fluff, no gimmicks most of the time. What PPV campaigns are working, what landing pages and so on. If you haven’t heard about it, then check it out. It’s really awesome. Get affiliate insider information and start profiting with it. It’s way better than any of the shitty clickbank ebooks you’ll buy or some lame ass general course rehashing ’05 material.

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