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I figured I’ll share this with my readers as many of you folks love to get something free. Heck I even started this site as a free giveaway resource to affiliates. Well, SEO is one of those long term things that don’t jump up and down like a media buy on a site that gets 60% return visitors. You can secure your income much better this way and actually make nice money whether with Adsense or affiliate programs.

Ok, let’s get to the point.

You know how everyone is saying that you need to have a keyword in your TLD (top level domain) or else it’s going to be hard to rank for your search phrases? Well, I’ll tell you that it is true for small sites. If you’re building a large website in larger niche, this doesn’t matter much. But for small, one page WP blogs, this is crucial.

So let’s say you want to rank for a keyword “laser eye surgery” right. Now you’d think that buying a domain like: “” or smth. will give you a huge benefit. WRONG!

This usually doesn’t mean a shit unless you have the EXACT PHRASE IN A DOMAIN!

The only time you get real SEO value and obvious boost in rankings is if you get the exact match domain. So getting to our example, unless you can snag a domain like without dashes or underscores, you’re getting nowhere with this technique. Trust I know this. It’s what’s working at the moment. So your best bet if you want quick SEO rankings and sometraffic, is to find a domain that exactly matches your keyword. It can be .com, .net, .org. I wouldn’t go anywhere further with this. .com is always a priority.

You won’t get very good domains in competitive markets. But you can get long term keywords quite easily. I’d also suggest going for no longer than 3 words in a domain. Often times to use this strategy effectively, you’ll need to go for some obscure niches and markets. But if you can make money off of Adsense in those, then you don’t need to worry about finding affiliate programs do you.

Try this technique and you’ll see that you can actually get quick SEO rankings without even backlinks to your site. This is pretty insane. Not sure how long this glitch will last in Google. But it’s been working and still is working, so you can give it a shot.

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  1. The warrior says

    The only problem I see with a long tail domain name is that it is hard to remember. But if you get a good search ranking for a good term I guest this wouldn’t matter as much.

  2. admin says

    Hey warrior, thanx for commenting.

    That’s right, you please visitors with content and title of your site, and search engines with on page SEO and good domain name.

    And for memorizing it might be even easier. If you snatch a good 3 keyword domain that’s no too long, without stupid dashes ending with .com, it can be quite memorable.

    Besides, this strategy is mostly for shitty blogs as I call them, 3 to 5 posts and no updates at all. For authority sites, I never pick a domain with more than 2 words in it. So if we’re talking about big site and authority status, you’re correct.

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