p202 Geo-Conversion Discovery Method

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This one I just spotted today at Traffic + Conversion blog.

If you advertise on a self serve platform that allows to further geo-target your campaigns like states or even cities (FB/PPC comes to mind), then you can use this technique to learn which states and cities converted for you.

While this method is not automated and does require some manual labor, it’s quite easy and you can turn your 20% ROI campaigns to 100% ROI just by targeting the right geo-locations. If you’re too lazy to read the original source, here are the steps for you:

  1. Step – In P202 go to visitors section and set it to show converted IP’s only.
  2. Step – Copy those IP’s & paste into MaxMind’s address locator textarea.
  3. Step – Take a note of all states, cities converted.
  4. Step – Create new campaigns for converted geo-locations.

Simple as that. And it’s totally free to use. So if you’re struggling with finding good tracking tool that reports geo-locations automatically, at least you can use this one for a while to improve your campaigns and boost ROI’s.

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