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Ok there’s a free software called LaserURL. Many folks use it, to me it seemed a little messy so I prefer online based tools. I’ve been testing one freebie from CPVDen for a while and I must say it’s really nice. Very easy to use and delivers what’s promised. Perfect alternative to paid versions.

You can choose the Google scraper. Select which country you’d like to get results from (organic results differ based on your geo-location). There are only main English speaking countries, but that’s perfectly enough. Although it scrapes only the to 5 pages of Google, it’s still a nice treat. You can select the URL’s and then instantly make 3 variations of each (removed periods, replace them with spaces).

The main CPV scraper is located here. It grabs up to 100 URL’s per search. It does G, Y, M, & Alexa as it says. This tool is a perfect one to use if you want to quickly build a large list of URL’s. Within a minute you can have 1000 URL’s. Very nice.

Promised Tip: You know how often the main URL ending with .com is competitive? That’s why some suggest digging deeper for some deeper links from the same site. If you push coupons and bid on, you know it’s very competitive. Lots of traffic too. So grabbing as many URL’s from the site is a good idea. And you can easily do that.

Just type “” without quotes into this URL scraper and it will deliver you 100 URL’s from that domain including sub-domains even. How awesome is that? You do the same in Google to find all the pages in the website indexed. I didn’t think it’s gonna work in this scraper, but it does. So here you go. Enjoy it and get those valuable impressions which now should cost you so much less.

These guys also have URL site extractor, which is very similar to what I just explained. Youtube, Quantcast, Alexa scrapers. Although Quantcast scraper is not that good. I prefer to just download top 1,000,000 URL’s and do a keyword filtering with Excel. Much better results. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Step 1 – Download Top 1 Million Sites from Quantcast
  • Step 2 – Copy/Paste into Excel or Similar Program
  • Step 3 – In Excel at least, select the columns with URL’s, click Data > Filter. You’ll see arrow button show up at the top of the selected data column. Click that > Text Filters > Contains… Enter you keyword or phrase without spaces and click to filter. Now you can see all domains containing the word “CreditReport” for example.

Very neat technique and has found me a few nice little gems which bring me money for months.

There you go. Enjoy these free tools and save money on paid ones, at least until you can afford to pay for them. It takes very little effort and time if you want to find a bunch of targeted keywords. So pick those low payout zip submits, dating & groupon offers and get some targets for them with CPVDen. Not sure how long they’ll continue to provide this tool for free, but use it while you can.

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