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Text vs. HTML Emails

Should You Choose Text or HTML Emails for Your Newsletter? People are arguing for years if it’s better to offer HTML or text version of their newsletters. Text based emails are widely used by marketers and ezine owners. HTML based…

Personalized Emails

Discover the Benefits of Sending Personalized Emails As you know, internet marketing experts are always trying to make their promotional campaigns as effective as possible. They use various “tricks” to do that. From powerful copywriting …

Multipart Alternative Format

Why MIME Content Type is Widely Used in Email Marketing and Should You Use it Too? If you’re subscribed to at least few newsletters online, then there’s a big chance that they use plain text format. The reason why so many ezines and…

Pros and Cons of HTML Emails

Learn Why HTML Email Format Might Not be the Best Option for Your Business! HTML based emails are very tempting for a few reasons. They allow you to track how many people opened the email, they allow you to put images, flash audio or video…