Writing Effective Pay Per Click Ad

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Starting a PPC search engine marketing campaign is just the beginning. It takes a lot of testing and tracking before you see any steady profits coming in.

One of the main factors determining your pay per click campaign is effective ad. Your short message is seen before people come to your website. That’s why it is important to catch visitor’s interest and force them to click your link. Only after they click on your ad, you can expect them to read your website copy and order your products or subscribe to your newsletter.

If you want to pull maximum out of your PPC campaign, then you can read a couple of tips below, which could really increase your income online.

  1. Title – When you write a title for your ad, make sure you include the main keyword that you’re targeting. If searcher enters exact keyphrase into a search field, then that keyword in your ad will be a little bolder. Like in the example below:

    This gives people more confidence that your message is relevant to their search. It can even double or triple your CTR (click trough ratio).

  2. Description – When writing a description, try to mention the main benefit that the searcher will get. What’s in it for him? Also, try to include your USP (unique selling proposition). Why should people buy from you? Why you’re different than your competitors? If you can ship the product faster than others, mention that. If your price is smaller than competitors’ mention that.However, if someone mentions the price that is smaller than yours, then you should remove the price from your ad message.
  3. Use Captivating Words – In the copywriting world, there’s no secret that trigger words can double or triple the CTR. So try to include powerful words into your ad. Such words as “Powerful”, “Shocking”, “Extremely” and etc. can definitely attract more visitors to your site. However, try, if possible use unique words. The word “powerful”, “Secret” are used very often these days. People might be tired seeing the same words over and over again. And words like “best” or “most effective” sound like hype. Try to come up with new ideas.Be careful though about the word “free”. It really attracts attention, but it also might bring you lots of freebie seekers. Use it only if you actually give away something for free.
  4. Your URL – This is a little trick that might give additional benefit. Instead of putting your domain name, like:
    www.name.com, you can create a folder and put a landing page there. Then you can put a keyword in the name of the folder and this way, get even more ad space.For example, you’re targeting a keyword “pay per click”, so you can name your folder “Pay Per Click”. So your URL in the sponsor listing will look like:

    This way you get the advantage of using one more ad space that is given to you.

  5. Capitalizing the First Letter – If you haven’t noticed, in the pay per click ad examples above, every first letter of the word was capitalized. This technique actually has proven to increase click through ratio.
  6. Plural and Singular Keywords – Maybe you didn’t know that, but in PPC’s plural and singular keyphrases are different. For example “search engine” and “search engines” are two different keywords. If you target only one of those, you’re missing the other. So the tip would be – always include plurals and singulars of the same keywords and phrases.
  7. The Order of Keywords – Another interesting thing with your ad is when you change the order of keywords in title or description of your ad, you might significantly increase your click through ratio. Try to change only one thing at a time and see if it makes a difference in your campaign. Change one word in title and wait until you get few hundred clicks, for example, and if it doesn’t give better results, try something else then. Sometimes small changes can make big difference.

In Conclusion

Remember that when writing your ad, not only you have to try to be different than your competitors and offer something new, but also catch visitor’s attention. This might seem like a peace of cake, but it actually requires much more time and work than you think.

Try to make your message as much appealing as possible. Read it for a few times and twist the ad as much as it takes until you decide that it’s the best you could make. After that, it’s only testing that can show your real results.

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