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I just heard about bevo media launching a tracking platform quite recently. I got in the early list and when it was launched I didn’t hesitate to check it out. They claimed that they offer free tracking, but whatever I tried to click on, I was redirected to the upgrade or sale page. Price is good – $19.95 per month. For a good tracking it’s nothing. But problem compared to prosper202 is that it’s hosted on their servers. Technically anyone could see your numbers, campaigns and just copy your stuff. I’m not paranoid, nor shuld you be when you start. No one will probably copy your $10/day campaign. And if you’re doing $50 to $100/day profit, then get VPS and get prosper, simple as that.

Anyway, back to the point…

So the other day I noticed my prosper setup on shared host (yep I also have shared host accounts) was a bit slow. I asked my buddies to prove me wrong, and they didn’t. It was slow.

So what I did? I installed firebug, firefox plugin and it sort of shows the loading time for each page, redirect, etc. And I did some simple tests. Took 5 offers, set up tracking for each platform tested and looked at the redirects on each of the 5 offers for each platform. So 15 in total. Here are the results:

  • Prosper202 Setup on Bluehost – Av. page load time – 1.81 sec.
  • Free Tracking202 Hosted – Av. page load time – 1.69 sec.
  • Free BevoMedia Tracker – Av. page load time – 1.23 sec.

Compared to my free setup of prosper202 on Bluehost, that’s a freakin’ 47% increase!!! And if you’re doing PPV, then this can mean huge money wasted for you. Man, something to think about huh?

I also tested this on few online tools and results are similar:

Tool 1:

  • Prosper202 – 2.05 sec.
  • Tracking202 – 1.85 sec.
  • BevoMedia – 2.1 sec.

Tool 2:

  • Prosper202 -2.66 sec.
  • Tracking202 -2.16 sec.
  • BevoMedia -1.96 sec.

Tool 3:

  • Prosper202 -2.42 sec.
  • Tracking202 -2.21 sec.
  • BevoMedia -1.99 sec.

Just one tool showed Tracking202 was faster, but overall we see tendency that BevoMedia tracker is the shit. It’s really fast. And those few milliseconds can mean few to few hundred dollars a day for you.

So go ahead and check it out. It’s quite difficult to learn how to use their limited free version, but it’s good for a start.

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  1. Steve says

    I have spent 4 long years trying to learn all about the internet business. I am very concerned about the amount of hype out there. Fast talking people who are very difficult to understand, particularly in parts of the USA. However giving back is the key once you get on top. My advice is be ethical like your customers and remember “The buck stops with you” make sure customers can contact you. Talk slowly.
    If you hate your suppliers and hate your customers why be in business? I have actually seen it!

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