How to Easyli Resize to CPV (800×600) Window?

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Just recently stumbled upon this ridiculously simple thing that eases my life now.

You know when making PPV LP’s at 800×600 window you need to test if your ‘creation’ fits into the window and doesn’t create any scroll bars? Well what I did I created a colored CSS div with 800×600 size and 0 padding for “body” to have exact measures. I had to constantly drag the damn window to fit that colored element to have the precise 800×600 size. Then open my newly created landing page in another tab to see if it fits or not.

Pain in the ass when you’re into making many LP’s.

But what happens when you click the link that leads you to the offer page? Sometimes those advertisers automatically resize your window to full screen. So you have to go through the same painful resizing process again to find your 800×600 dimensions.

Well, here’s the cool and simple solution I just didn’t think about.

Automatic window resizer in a broser.

For Firefox, here are your steps:

  • Step1 : Right click on a bookmarks panel somewhere and choose “New Bookmark…”
  • Step2: In the location text box, copy and paste this code:
  • Step3: Click Add

What you’ve done is created a bookmark that with a click of a button resizes your window to the specific size preset there. You can keep that bookmark in the bokmarks panel and press it whenever you need to size-proof your HTML page for CPV. Neat huh?

One thing: In my case, that 800×600 size didn’t work. I assume they take into account the whole window size of a browser (including toolbars that you have). So you need to play around with it to find the perfect combination. Here the size that I needed to enter to get the 800×600 window:


Anyway, enjoy this little trick. It definately eases my life once in a while when I’m onto making some LP’s for CPV marketing.


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