MixRank – Free Ad Spying Tool (Use While it’s Free)

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Everyone seems to have noticed MixRank. I’ve used it and it rocks. And yes, it’s FREE. So click the link, join and start spying man.

MixRank shows you best performing text ads, banners for advertisers. And they also show you where those ads are running and when the ad was last seen. Holy @#$!@#, this is GOLD.

Let’s take look shall we?

Let’s pretend we are planning to test a penny auctions campaign. Offers come and go, it’s unstable, but profitable. So what do we do? We can blindly test our message and hope it’ll work, or we can spy.

1. Go to Mixrank.com

2. In the main search box, type in the domain of the #1 auction site ATM “quibids.com” and digest the data.

The first thing you’ll see is “Text Ads” section. It’ll bring you the most popular (winner) text ads. Here’s the winner as of today:

It says that this ad was last seen yesterday. Publishers shows the number of sites currently running this text ad. These text ads are Adsense ads as it says in their tutorials. But it doesn’t matter as long as the message is a “winner” on over a thousands active sites. Then it should definitely work in other media places like Pulse360 or AdBlade.

Frequency is the amount of total pubs the ad appeared on. Av position in Adsense is self explanatory.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now we can move onto banners. Yes, these guys show you the top banners that the advertiser is using right now. Sweet huh?

You can easily sort banners by size to see what these guys are running. If you’re going to do a media buy campaigns with banners, then this is great stuff. Simply rip or create similar variations to start with.

And now, my favorite part – sites QuiBids is advertising on:

See the “Export” Excell button on top right corner? Click it and download all the placements Quibids advertised on. Now, in my case, I see nearly 10,000 placements in the report. I’m not sure, but whether it’s all the websites their ads are currently running on, or it’s all the placements they ever advertised on. Either way, grab some of the top ones (by volume) and start testing.

So how do we go about this data?

Easy, Quibids is advertising either directly or with farticles as I know from other research lol. So create a farticle (if your network allows that, TrafficVance is getting harder with this) and use that. Or direct link. If so, create a banner (800×600 or 300×250 even) using text you see in their text ad copy. Or banner ad copy. Make like 10 banners.

Grab first 50 or 100 top volume placements to use as targets in PPV. You can go even further and check Quancast demographic info on who’s visiting these penny auction sites. (It’s women 40+ or 25+ dudes into tech). Grab each of these placements and put into Quantcast to get reassurance that your picked target has the same demo as your offer. This way you’re risking even less.

Set up your campaign and run man. That’s all there is to it.

MixRank is gold right now for freebie seekers. So don’t snooze or you’ll lose. Signup for free now. Start collecting the data and testing those damn campaigns.

One thing that sucks is they only show largest advertisers. You’ll rarely be able to spy on affiliate campaigns or smallest bizopp advertisers for instance. But either way, it’s an awesome tool. And it’s FREE in beta mode (they’ll charge for this later).

Click Here – Visit MixRank.com NOW !!!


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