What to do when PPV Campaign Stops Performing?

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Sorry guys for the lack of posts lately, been busy with my campaigns. But today I wanted to talk a little about one of the most common negative sides of performance marketing. That’s when your campaigns suddenly lose performance and get you into the red.

It happens on all mediums, from PPC to banner buys. In some cases, you can quickly see the reason and fix it. In others, there’s just no explanation why it happens. So instead of banging your head into the wall figuring out why oh why you should just move on without learning for such mistake.

Here’s a common scenario.

You’ve discovered a working CPV campaign. You’re turning $20 to $50 / day profit. You optimize the campaign, test few landing pages, rotate offers, cut out losing targets. Everything seems to be just getting better and better. For the last month, you’ve been having 2 to 4 leads a day on average (surely depends on offer) and then you check your yesterday’s stats and see 0.

Ok, bad day happens to all of us. No biggie. But the next day it’s 0 again. WTF? You check your competitor bids and everything looks great. You check your campaign and links if they’re tracking – all works. You check your hosting account, no downs. But for 4 days in a row you start getting zero leads/day. What happened? You can start looking at trends. Holidays or anything like that? But in some cases, you just have no idea what is going on. Here are a few explanation why it might have happened

  1. You might have drained out the traffic pool.
    PPV is such an interesting platform. If you stumble upon a niche that’s not growing, but remains the same, then it could mean that you just keep advertising to the same people all the time. They may be buying for a few weeks, but after a while, there’s just the same people seeing your ad. So your CTR drops, and obviously conversions drop. It’s like in Facebook. There’s just so little you can do with a 5K member group. Eventually, they stop responding. This is common.How to Fix it?Try capping. If your PPV network allows frequnecy capping (how often your ad is shown to the same user), try changing it. By default it’s 1 impression per 24 hours to the same user. Shift it to 72 hours and see if it helps. Usually it does. Although if there are very few returning visitors, you may need to simply pause the campaign and resume after a week or two. Run for a few days and keep doing this. It may work. Or try more creatives, more ads, LP’s.
  2. PPV Network Experiments
    These networks often syndicate the same traffic from other PPV networks. It could be that your network decided to deliver you shit quality traffic to see how its working out. You instantly become unprofitable with the niche. In that case, just stop the campaign, that’s all.

Whatever happens, if you are not making money and start losing money few days in a row, try making the changes suggested above. If that doesn’t help. Pause the campaign with possibility to turn it on later. But you can’t keep losing money. Your safest bet, move on and create more campaigns.

You’ll hear some people saying that PPV campaigns last less than a week. Its not really true. My weakest campaigns lasted over a month. Strongest, 3+ years now still profiting with no effort. It depends. Your best bet is to keep searching for new campaigns by building as many as you can.

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  1. Indian Marketer says

    Nice post, Though PPV advertising seems to falling down in value.

    1. admin says

      Thanx, I know what you mean. PPV can be quite difficult at times. More folks are jumping in and the niches are not growing as fast as you wanted to. And you get higher prices, less traffic, lower ROI’s etc. I suggest sticking to it and keep on searching for good campaigns, becoming creative and looking for angles for campaigns. For example, promoting credit reports not on credit report targets, but on new car websites. Whoever is buying a car needs a loan and credit score information. So becoming creative works on PPV. And for networks, everyone says TV is best and I prove it time and time again. So if you’re dedicated, just devote $1K to TV so you’ll be sure to get the best quality traffic out of all PPV networks. Good luck man.

  2. Sans Juan says

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