How to Get Low CPC on Facebook Ads?

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Tried FB? If you’re amongst the vast majority you lost money and moved on to some other places like MSN CPC or 7search where you can get quality clicks cheaper. However, those that can’t stop thinking about the sheer volume of traffic you can grab from Facebook, keep on cracking it.

One of the biggest problems with Facebook Ads is their cost. Holy shit! Newbs looking at the minimum bids scared to even test a campaign there now. If you select anything like women 35-45 (too broad anyway, but for the sake of example…) your CPC’s might range from $2.50 to $4.80 or something like that. Doesn’t look very sexy right?

And especially if you add another rumor floating around that if you bid too low initially on FB they’ll give you shit traffic, things become even darker for the poor. So I completely understand all those folks that just can’t imagine how you can make this beast work. Well there are few ways to go about it and I’ll cover them in a minute. But if you are a small guy that can’t afford $200 or $500 on a test, I’d suggest looking at international campaigns where bids cost much less and you can turn better ROI’s.

How to Achieve Low CPC’s on Facebook?

The question that kept bothering me for a long time as I’ve failed numerous times, but still was getting back to it. Well good news that the simplest answer was under your nose all this time – CTR. That’s how FB works. You get the CTR, you get low CPC’s. If not you’re paying too much and can’t make a campaign work. Simple and brutal truth.

But how do you get the CTR? There are 2 ways to do it. Actually you’re probably doing it already but not hard enough.

  1. TARGETING – Yep, that’s what every blogger was talking about. Targeting is the #1 way to get cheap clicks. Use keywords (interests) or workplaces. You can make magic with workplaces, so use it to your advantage. For example, I started one campaign where my minimum bid suggested by Facebook was $2+. I started to bid $1.07 or smth. like that. (I always use pennies over the common bid just to get some minimal advantage). Most ads that were 0.02-0.03% CTR actually cost me $0.87 a click. Other ads with CTR around 0.07 or 0.1 had a price from $0.6 to $0.8 per click. The longer you run the ad with high CTR, the better your CPC will become. That was for broad targeting BTW. If you do interests and you grab your market by the balls then your CTR’s will be around 0.1% – 0.3% which is amazing for Facebook. CPC will drop quickly and it’ll work. But to achieve that, you need to burn through some money first. You need data. And here we come to another thing that gets you good CTR…
  2. GREAT AD – Yep, image is everything. People were talking about it since the beginning, but I see many newbs just can’t handle the truth and keep on searching for another easier way around, because they couldn’t get good CTR with 5 images and 3 ad copies rotated. Lol. Those who play this game know that you start with 50 – 100 ads sometimes. Sometimes with 1000 ads. Out of those you may find 10 – 20 that work really well. And then 4 or 5 that you keep running for weeks. You need to test a ton guys. And you need money for that. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose money on every ad until you find one with a conversion. Look roughly at the whole campaign. You spend $40 – $50 on a campaign that pays $10 or less with 0 conversions, pause and think again. Better yet, make landing pages and rotate offers. Some offers just suck and some work wonders. You need to test. But you have to have some intuition whether campaign will work or not. Sometimes I start campaign losing money, but my negative ROI is small. I spend $50, I make $30 with the first test. It’s a great sign. You get more data, optimize more and get into the green. If you’ve heard Shoemoney talking about importance of ads on Facebook, you’ve noticed that from his tests he weighed images at 70% or 80%, then headline, then 5% or so the description. Well, from my testing headline definitely has more weight. 30% to 50% maybe. One headline increased ad CTR from 0.05 to 0.09. Just headline. So it’s equally important I’d say. Thing is, you gotta have money to test a campaign on FB to get more data.

Is that all there is to Facebook ads? Well, yeah. It’s not rocket science. It’s easy when you look at it. Hardest part is blowing money when you don’t have much in your pocket. Go test PPV, search PPC, 2nd tier PPC like 7search (great conversions) and make some money to move on. Once you have the money, keep on researching the ads, find an ad that is being shown day in day out for your chosen demographic, and if you see it for 7 days straight, it probably makes monies. Go and test. If it’s dating, and offer converts, you should see conversions with 20 clicks or less. Good offers convert anywhere from 10% to 20%. So you don’t need to spend much to see if it will work or not. But to get some data you need to spend some money. Yeah, I’m being vague, because I’d like to say you should blow $100 to $200/day for 7 days to get some data. But if you got $200 for a test, then go with lower budgets and see if it works.

Time and time again I see that it’s not much brain required to make advertising work. Young guys at their 18’ies make $10K – $100K a day and you wonder how the heck it happens. Well, it’s no that they’re geniuses. Obviously, they are smart. But most importantly, they’re dedicated super hard workers who are ready to risk. If you create 50 ads on FB with best converting dating offer targeting demographic you snagged from Quantcast and consider it a loss if you lose $200… These guys will take a bank loan, create 1000 ads and blow money to get data. Then work even harder to figure things out and get where they are now. If you think you can get away with mediocrity here, think again. Competition isn’t snoozing and it’s constantly increasing. That means margins are shrinking each seconds. If you want to make something happen, you gotta act now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should take a loan or credit card with high limit. Just take action now and start working is all I’m trying to encourage you to do. And you’ll get there. Work hard relentlessly, because others are. And Facebook or anything else will not be a problem for you anymore.

Lol, simple FB bidding post turned into a motivational speech.

You notice I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with advertising. And everything I experience, I’ll lay out here. No bullshit, just what works or doesn’t work for me. Stay tuned. Good luck.

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  1. emmanuel says

    Great article, I had a great CPC on one of my most successful campaigns to date and it fit the bill for #1&2 in your post, had a good CTR, although I only had to bid around .20 to get it in rotation, I was able to get it down to .09 per click, and the image was provocative (not sexually) to the users.

    One thing you’re absolutely right about is testing, and that’s one thing I really haven’t done much, mostly because I know how to put together a good ad, regardless it’s something I ought to start doing.

  2. admin says

    Hey Emmanuel, great job.

    Definitely. In some cases I get twice lower CPC with decent CTR with only 20 or so clicks so it’s easy to get it down.

    I could add that if you’re doing general targeting like dating with no keywords, then you need to test tons of images. I start with 100 now or more. But with more precise targeting, you could do 20 or so and still achieve great results. $0.09 CPC on FB is really great and if you got it profitable, then squeeze each penny out of the demo 🙂

  3. Michael says

    Great Article…Super amazing tips. Can’t wait to test some international ads.

  4. admin says

    Hey Michael, thanx.

    Definitely. International campaigns can be really great. And it’s not just english speaking like NZ or Ireland. Try mexico, lower payouts yes, but CPC’s are also pretty damn cheap. That’s another tips for guys on a shoestring budget. Choose countries with lowest CPC’s and search for offers to match those. France, Germany, Spain are one of the cheapest in Europe, so you could make it happen. Also for the sake of testing, try professionally translating ads, and then using Google Translator. You’ll find some interesting results 😉

  5. mayang jenisay says

    Hi all
    i have been running my FB ad a month ago
    My ad got CTR 0.251% target 676,260 i put 5$ daily budget , $ 0.02 CPC
    and now i got 2,040 clicks and spent $33.01

    Is that good ?

  6. admin says

    Hey Mayang,

    Well looking at your post seems like you’re joking. But in case you aren’t… yeah it’s good lol.

  7. gino says

    Been running an ad for 10 days and my CTR is at 0.110%. Only this is my CPC is at 0.40, but i think its because i put my minimum bid at 0.40… SHould I decrease this? I mean it recommends me to put a minimum…
    I reach my 15$ daily budget with about only 40 clicks…

    1. admin says

      hey, yeah try decreasing it. FB might stop showing you impressions completely, then raise it a bit. Or start a duplicate campaign with very low bids and raise gradually each day until you get impressions. Try several tactics and see what works for you. It’s a tricky thing this FB, so you gotta play around a bit. As always, try narrowing your demo or making more ads to get better CTR and your CPC will go down quicker.

      1. Mini says

        Superbly ilamninltiug data here, thanks!

  8. Carlos says

    Hi there,
    you say that one campaign of yours, Facebook was hiting you with $2+ and you bid $1.07. – Most ads that were 0.02-0.03% CTR actually cost me $0.87 a click. Other ads with CTR around 0.07 or 0.1 had a price from $0.6 to $0.8 per click.

    i can’t get lower than 0.30 cts when i’m creating the Ads, and sometimes i get more tha 1 dolar, i know that the more you bid the more your CTR you get, but i was reluctant in biding anything higher than 50 or 60, or 1 dolar for that matter, just because its… well… expensive. But from what you tell, and it makes sense, does not matter what you bid, 1 or 3 dolars, as long as you bid higher than the suggested max bid or closer to the max bid. CTR will go up and CPC goes down, thank you for that clarification.

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