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Discover Why Autoresponder Services are Hands Free Email Marketing Solution for Your Business

If you want to build a huge database of loyal subscribers or customers, then you should definitely invest your money into a powerful and reliable email autoresponder service, which will give you the ability to easily catch your subscribers’ email addresses and send them follow-up messages instantly.

Some people prefer autoresponder software instead of a service. If you’d like to learn more about some desktop or server based automatic responder tool, then you can read an article about autoresponder software here. Basically, software allows you to keep your list on your desktop or server, so you simply have more control over the email list. But autoresponder email services are also useful and might seem even better solution for your online business.

Why Automatic Responder Services?

An autoresponder email service is a great hands-free solution if you’d like to send follow-up messages to your subscribers automatically. Here are some advantages of an email services:

  1. Less Worries – It’s one of the most important reasons to get an email autoresponder service. With email software you have to figure out how to install it on your server, set-up cronjobs (server command for scheduling jobs to be periodically executed, otherwise send follow-ups), and lots of other things. So you basically are on your own having to deal with installation and management process.Autoresponder services are much easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about the installation or keep an eye on everything you send out, because the 3rd party does it all for you. There’s nothing to install and if something goes wrong, then it’s not your problem, but the company’s that’s in charge of it all. So they’ll fix it ASAP if they’re reputable.
  2. Delivery Rates – One of the most important problems that bothers every successful email marketing expert is the deliverability of sent emails. Some people say that it’s best to set up autoresponder software on your server and you won’t have any delivery problems at all. However, if you use shared hosting account, then your delivery rate can also suffer, because if someone is spamming on your host account, your IP address can be blacklisted and your delivery rates can be just as low.Besides, many respectful companies that offer email autoresponder services are very serious about this problem and invest lots of resources to provide the highest rates of deliverability. Some autoresponder services report having up to 93% or 97% email delivery rates.
  3. Automatic Updates – If you install autoresponder software, then you have to look for updates manually if you want to add some new features. If there’s an update, you have to download it and figure out how to install to take effect. There’s no such problem with autoresponder services.The company that provides you with the service takes care of everything themselves. It’s their task to keep tracking what’s important and useful and provide it to its customers. Usually you just need to read an announcement that something new was added, that’s all.

Autoresponder Email Service Price

It is very important to compare the prices of various autoresponder services for yourself. Usually prices vary from one service to another. It all depends on your needs. Some autoresponder features might be completely not useful for you so you can just search for a different service provider.

Some people are concerned about the prices of autoresponder services over software, because you usually have to pay monthly fees for using a service. Software on the other hand requires usually only a one time fee. Although that one time fee is about 10 times higher than a monthly service fee, lot of folks would rather pay a one time fee and have it forever, instead of paying monthly fees. The reason is that software will pay off much more in the long run. However, it is not quite true.

You should consider the bandwidth of your web host, the time you spend dealing with various tasks or the money you pay to someone who’ll fix your problems. You should also think about the cost of upgrades of your autoresponder software.

If you build a large subscriber’s list, then your bandwidth will increase and if you’re on a budget hosting, then your host will increase the price significantly. Your host might also have some limitations, like sending no more than 1000 emails per day and so on. Email autoresponder services usually work fast and are able to send out messages the same day even to a large list and without additional fee.

Autoresponder Services

If you’ve decided to choose autoresponder email service, then here are some of the most popular ones for you to choose:

  • Aweber – This autoresponder service has the highest delivery rate as many people say. It has been online since 1998 and has gained a lot of loyal customers. Aweber offers lots of features, like unlimited autoresponders, tracking, statistics, automatic RSS archive publishing, video training and more. It is considered by many to be the best autoresponder service online.
  • Getresponse – It is another great autoresponder email service. Just like Aweber, they offer tons of features for their clients. Unlimited follow-ups, mailing list management, popup creator, RSS archiving, HTML messages and more. Getresponse has been as long as Aweber and also have lots of customers. However, their delivery rate seems to be lower, because they also allow free subscriptions.

In Conclusion

If you have considered the features you need from an email autoresponder service, then you can go ahead and choose the service that best fits your needs. Look at the pricing and choose the best for you. Usually, if you pay for the whole year in advance, then the price can be much lower and you’ll be able to save money

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