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Ok, if you’re new to this, let me say that farticles are now officially illegal in the US. FTC cracked down on them and you risk using those. Nevertheless large CPA networks and their advertisers still use these extensively. Basically you’re responsible for using them yourself. Internationally obviously safer than here.

The text is the same shit being used everywhere else. I didn’t change anything. Product promoted here is Robert Allen, but you just need to change that to anything else you’re running.

For legal reasons, I’ll say that this template is shown just as example. You should change images, use real ones, real comments if you have any. BTW, comments here are removed. Make real story instead of this fake one used everywhere. It’s your responsibility man, so be careful with this stuff. I run legit farticle versions, which I’ll submit sometime later when they’ll stop working for me lol. This specific LP template draws decent CTR’s on regular traffic.

It uses MaxMind geo-targeting script and also exit pop to direct straight to the offer. Of course, if you want to be clean, change pretty much everything here. But I just figured you may want to find a template for farticles, for PPV as there aren’t many out there.



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