PPV Template – Credit Check for Vehicle Financing Consumers

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(Coded in HTML/CSS Only) Download in ZIP format


Bright blue header along with orange sidebar is a great attention grabbing combination. This particular landing page design brought me 14% or 16% CTR’s on PPV. It obviously depends on targets so don’t take that for granted.

Text in the header is not editable. It’s an image. If you can use Photoshop, you can make your own header to fit the size and color.

I didn’t want to include Photoshop as these LP’s are meant for complete newbs in technology. While it’s not the most convenient way to edit pages, but basically you can do it with notepad or Wordpad. Just edit the text and leave all else. Test out and see if you can turn profit. Remember that on PPV it largely depends on what targets you’re targeting. Sometimes you can find 1 profitable out of 100 tested. Sometimes 3 out of 10 profitable ones.



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