Sometimes You Just Need to Go with Your Instincts

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I remember when I was  starting out and it was pretty tough for me. The one thing that made me successful was just having the guts to go with my own intuition.

Right now in CPA world especially, you sometimes have people that try to turn you one or another direction. In CPA network it’s your affiliate manager. How many times you’ve received an offer that supposed to be the new hot shit on the plate? AM tells you it’s awesome, converts at so and so %, and of course you give it a shot. And after running the offer for a day or two you realize that it doesn’t work. You don’t make money. It happens all the time.

You know what? Sometime you just gotta say “FUCK IT” and do what YOU think is best.

When I recall back, 95% of successful campaigns I had were my own. Not following any AM’s suggestions and not jumping on something that some blogger said. You and only you know best how to succeed in your situation. You know your finances and what traffic sources are best for you to deal with. Then go ahead and do it. Trust your instincts and follow yourself.

You cannot rely on others to make you successful. This will never happen unless you stumble upon decent people, a great guru teacher or whatever. Most of the time, you’ll be left naked on the ice with nothing to show for.

I’m not saying that your people you work with want to screw you over. Some AM’s are genuinely trying to help you instead of pushing the network’s chosen product that week. But they don’t know your situation. Besides giving advice when it’s not your money at stake is easy.

So if you want to be successful in 2011, listen to your inner voice. Pretty much every successful affiliate I know became successful by following their own rules. I’m not sure if this helps a lot, I’ll definitely add more specific, technical content in the future, but take my advice and determine what and where you gonna promote next yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ll have much more success.

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  1. Navya says

    Yeah I too agree with you!! We should not always rely on others techniques or plans, we should definitely listen to our inner voice as you said! Sometimes our own ideas click better than anything else!

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