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A Quality Autoresponder or Well Promoted Sales Crap?

Aweber is the most popular autoresponder service to this date. Thousands of individuals and business owners are using it to boost their sales. But is it really so good? Or maybe you shouldn’t waste your money on monthly

fees and just get yourself cheaper autoresponder software? As you know, autoresponders are a great tool for increasing sales no matter if you’re an affiliate or a business owner.

Autoresponders allow you to contact your subscribers regularly or irregularly (as you choose) and build a relationship. The better your customers or subscribers know you, the more chances there are that they’ll buy your recommended products or services.

Delivery Rates

As an individual looking for ways on how to increase your sales and make a better living on the internet, you are probably lost. What’s better – an autoresponder service, or a software or script? If you don’t want to guess, I’ll tell you that service is better.


Because of delivery rate. Autoresponder service companies have relationships with different ISP’s, like Hotmail, Yahoo and others. They try to make sure that their customer’s messages go through the spam filters of these ISP’s. It is the most important reason to choose a service.

Software is good, but delivery rates are low. By software, I mean a script that you install on your server (or let someone do this). Your web hosting provider will not have any relationships with various ISP’s, because it’s not their main purpose. So many times a message that you send via your autoresponder script will be filtered out by some major internet service providers.

A script, as some people have reported, will deliver only 20% or 40% of the emails to recipients. The difference is huge. Think about losing 80% of your potential subscribers?

Scary isn’t it.

Aweber service (as they claim) has 99.34% delivery rate. That means that practically all of your subscribers will get your message.

Aweber’s Advantages

Aweber allows you to have unlimited lists, messages, length of messages. You’ll have to pay $19.95 per month for this service. If you prepay for a year, you’ll save $60.00 and pay only $179.00. Overall it’s great price for this service.

Aweber is probably the easiest autoresponder service. Set-up takes only a few minutes and you’ll learn how to navigate very quickly.

Aweber lets you have up to 10,000 subscribers for $19.95 monthly fee. Additional 10,000 will cost $9.95 a month.

It is good, because some services will allow you to have up to 5,000 subscribers and then pay extra. Some will limit your number of autoresponders.

Think about it, if you’re starting out, you may build 10 or even 20 lists at a time. It’s not very likely that you’ll build a list of 5,000 people within one month if you’re not a pro yet. And even if you do, those 5,000 people should bring you at least $1000 a month in profits if your list is responsive.

Aweber’s Disadvantages

Aweber has its downsides too. One problem I’ve noticed is that you can’t change the default confirmation page. When people signup, you may include your own page where they’ll be redirected. But when they click on confirmation link, they’ll be taken to Aweber’s page that doesn’t look very pretty. Actually most Services do not allow you to change the confirmation page.

Another problem is “globals”. Globals is simply a default message that is repeated on every message. It’s your contact information and signature.

If you try to include user’s email and name into these fields, they will not be parsed. It mean that instead of seeing their name, they’ll see something like {!name}. You might want to include a users name for various reasons. One is to show them what info they used for subscribing. For example:

“You are receiving this message, because you subscribed using this information:

Your name – Name
Your Email – Email

And so on…”

But it’s impossible to do in global fields. You have to include these variables in each and every message manually. This is not comfortable.

But you may include some other text easily.

Overall, Aweber is the best service around. It’s easy to navigate and set-up campaigns. You may track clicks and do tons of other stuff. Actually, you may learn more about Aweber by taking this absolutely free test drive below.

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