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How to Achieve Success by Writing Powerful Automatic Responder Course

If you want to automate your internet marketing tasks you can use autoresponder to follow up with your subscribers or customers. They allow you to send prewritten messages to your leads even if you’re on vacation. You can go as far as write 50 articles, put them into autoresponder and deliver a newsletter without ever worrying what to write about in your next article.

But autoresponders are most widely used for creating and delivering ecourses to subscribers. It’s been said many times that in order to get a sale you have to contact your potential prospect at least 7 times, because they rarely buy from you in the first visit.

Ecourses are ideal for this kind of follow-up. You offer your subscribers a 7 or 10 day mini course around your product and when they’re convinced enough that they need the right solution to their problem, you introduce them to your product. If you do everything correctly then you can expect great results from this kind of autoresponder ecourse. However, there’s some work before you set up your autoresponder messages.

Tips for Creating Effective Autoresponder Message

In order to create a useful autoresponder sequence that delivers quality information and makes your prospects wait for your new message, you need to keep in mind a few things when writing your ecourse. Here are some tips:

  1. Concentrate on Your Reader – The basics of copywriting is to write about your reader and not about you. So instead of “me” and “we”, use “you” and “your” more often in your follow-up messages.
  2. Write About What’s Important to Them – Get in your prospect’s shoes and look from their point of view. What would they want to read about? You can write a lot about the subject you know, but will it be interesting to your readers?
  3. Personalize Your Emails – Include your prospects first name or full name in your autoresponder messages. They will know that the message is targeted to them and comes from reliable source.
  4. Emphasize Benefits – People don’t care about your product’s features. All they care is what they’ll get. So instead of talking how good your product is and what it does, stress benefits and what people will get if they order your product or service.

How to Compile Your Autoresponder Messages?

If you have read the tips above, you should create a decent autoresponder sequence. But now it’s important to find out what to write about in your automatic responder ecourse.

If you’re planning to create a 5-day ecourse that will help you to sell your product, you can follow these guidelines below:

  • First Message – When your readers get your very first message, you should mention that this is an ecourse that contains 5 messages that will arrive at the set time (everyday, every second day etc.) so your readers would know that they should wait for your upcoming messages.
  • Day 1 – Introduce people to a problem that your product or service solves.
  • Day 2 – Tell people about other products in the market that lack the functionality your product has, but don’t mention your product yet.
  • Day 3 – Introduce your solution to their problems. Tell people about your product and how it will save their lives.
  • Day 4 – Introduce them your happy customers’ testimonials so they know that your product is a real deal and other people have already solved their problems.
  • Day 5 – Wrap it up and tell people about the benefits your product offers, how others are happy with your solution and mention a guarantee if you have one to strengthen the desire to get your product.

Of course, these are basic tips for writing your autoresponder course. You can try different strategies and see which works better. Don’t be afraid to repeat some important points in your messages. Repetitiveness helps people memorize better. You can repeat your benefits, that you offer a guarantee, how others fail to deliver what your product can and so on.

Summing Up

Autoresponders are great for your sales. People often don’t buy from you when they visit your site for the first time. So grab their email address by offering them an ecourse. Your ecourse can be all about your product, but it’s better when you provide some useful information to your readers and only then introduce your product as the ultimate solution to what they already know.

You might offer them free tips on how to solve their problem, but in the last ecourse autoresponder message mention that your product can help them much faster, safer or more effectively. If you’ll start using autoresponder messages for your or other peoples’ products you can easily boost your prospects confidence in you and make them order your product or service.

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