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Ok, if you haven’t been kicked out of Google, it’s time to get happy. Seriously, I hate them, but they’re constantly doing some good stuff people like. Well, this time they’re doing something good for you too – affiliate, which is rare. Without further ado, here’s video straight from Google about it. It’s pretty nuts.

Adwords just introduced automated bidding system that anyone can use. Gosh, I’ve been dreaming about this 4 years back when I was heavy into this PPC game. To be able to set specific rules and leave it automatically to adjust itself without ever lifting a finger yourself. Magic!

It’s especially good for client managers. If you have lots of clients, your daily tasks are pretty much the same. Log in, check the shit, up the bids for keywords below certain positions, drop some keywords and so on… Now finally this thing is automated. It must be a happy piss in the pants if you’re doing Adwords. It’s awesome. I’m not on the other hand and probably won’t work with these fucks again, but hey, I gotta admit they do some good shit once in a while.

For big marketers, agencies, this is nothing new. Folks had hosted solutions as well as custom software that used API’s to do this automatically. And not just for Google, for all major search engines. But to wide masses and smaller guys, affiliates, this was almost out of reach. Well, test it out. If you haven’t been doing Adwords in a while, maybe it’s time to start.

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